Why Are You In Pain?

A Journey Beyond Symptom Management


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Gungo Pea Soup: Warm Your Soul

Nothing warms the body and soul when you need it, like soup. Today, I’d like to bless you with my personal favorite, Gungo Pea Soup. The Difference Being under quarantine is similar to all those times we were stuck inside during snowstorms in the Midwest. The difference is, it never lasted for several months at a time.  A blizzard might wreak havoc for a day or two, or even a few days. But, the longer Read more…

Is Your Pain Based On Innate Behavior Or Operant Behavior?

Is Your Pain Based On Innate Behavior Or Operant Behavior? Chickens are in rows of pens on nests and their eggs roll out onto a conveyor.

In the previous article, I was trying to find the connection to pain in the concept of preconditioning and a chicken laying eggs. Sounds insane, I know. However, there is a correlation. Chickens Laying Eggs Are Preconditioned I found out that chickens repeatedly lay eggs on farms because they are preconditioned. They have a natural instinct to lay eggs. They have a natural instinct to create a brood.  A natural instinct is an innate behavior, Read more…

How Does Pain Correlate To Chickens Laying Eggs?

How Does Pain Correlate To Chickens Laying Eggs? A black chicken strikes a stately pose.

There were several questions that popped into my mind about chickens, and about chickens laying eggs. I have related pain, to a lot of different things. But, chickens laying eggs?  Yet, after getting a little bit of info on the matter, I began to see a possible connection to a pain-based situation. The question that first popped into my mind was, “Are the chickens laying eggs, upset when people take the eggs from their nests Read more…

Are You Activating The Pain Matrix?

The Pain Matrix

Your pain is your fault. Our decisions are based on our perception, attitudes, and the stored database of information we have. We live in The Pain Matrix. This is the place from which the information we already have is assessing new incoming information or situations. In turn, this alters our attitudes and change our assessments. Thoughts Matter WHO: Who do you think is responsible for your pain? Are you casting blame? Who are you judging or Read more…

Lazy Brain Pt. 2 – A Prerequisite For Pain

prerequisite for pain

What is a lazy brain? What causes a lazy brain? We were talking about a prerequisite for pain: how your brain is trained for pain. A Prerequisite For Pain So how does that happen? Essentially, it’s the same thing as your body being trained to be fat. (I say this as a person who is currently fighting, like many of you; to get my weight and health under control to improve it). It’s just like Read more…

Lazy Brain Pt. 1 – Are You Trained For Pain?

trained for pain

For years we’ve been told that we have no power to control heredity. Does this mean that our brains are trained for pain?  Family Curse? According to scripture, a curse upon a family could last for up to seven generations. I used to wonder how that worked. At this point in time I’m really beginning to understand it. You see, up until last year I thought the pain originated in childhood. I’ve now come to Read more…

How Do Mismanaged Disappointments Cause Pain?

suffer from disappointment

Sometimes pain and problems manifest because of our thoughts about our problems. When something doesn’t go the way we expect it to; we are often greatly disappointed. If you hold on to anger it becomes lethal.

The Beginning Point of Pain

Where It Starts Everything starts with our spirit. In the dynasty of mankind that was the first part created. The first requirement to submit occurred here. It was resistance that created the first point of pain. Gen 1:27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. If we split this up by the commas, you can see the distinction. Here, the Read more…

Battling With The Monster Depression

The monster Depression

The Very Frustrating, Teary-eyed, Not Particularly Horrible Day It hasn’t been a particularly good day. Not a horrible day, but not a good day either. As I write this, I’m wiping tears from my eyes. This is truly a rare occasion.  The monster Depression rarely hits me. It takes quite a while, and quite a bit a frustration for me to feel like this. Usually, just like now, it isn’t any one particular thing. It’s Read more…

The 7 R’s Of Restoration

Security is found in responsibility

People who say, “Why is this always happening to me?” have failed to fully assess their problems, their lives and their decisions; and most likely, are not truly seeking answers. This has to do with your belief systems.