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Can Separation Really Equate To A Healthy Balance?

Can Separation Really Equate To A Healthy Balance? A freighter is beached upon the shore. Without a healthy balance you may find yourself shipwrecked.
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One of the key elements of pain has to do with a healthy balance. In my mind, there are several areas of balance that, if thrown off; can upset the delicate balance of your body to the point of causing pain. So let me define what I’m referring to here, and then we can move into the areas that affect the body the most.


God created man as a healthy balance; a 3 part being of made up of mind, body, and spirit. However, the spirit is the director of each individual story over the other two; at least, it’s supposed to be. If the spiritual life is non-existent or debilitated, the mind will be weak.

Subsequently, there will be a lot of misdirection, and there is no healthy balance. The mind has to be programmed and the body only knows and responds to desires. Unchaperoned, these two will draw you towards things that do not bring satisfaction; things that are not beneficial.

Living the spirit life means that your mind is aligned with God and renewed daily. You are the picture of healthy balance – focused and intentional in what you do because you know your calling. You know your purpose, and you take thoughtful and thought-filled action, directing the mind, which subsequently commands the body.


When your life is not governed by the spirit, you live in the land of feelings and you are easily shipwrecked. Every decision is based on how you feel in your body at a particular moment in time. There is no directed path or map that you have thought out. You are like a candle in the wind. Your light is subject to be blown out daily depending on what happens during your day.

You are like a leaf, blown to and fro, whichever way the wind carries you. You have no control. Life is a hard, brutal, and torturous experience for you, and you struggle to cope because you are constantly living in and from the past. Your mindset is preprogrammed for failure, because of the negative input received from your childhood environment that says that you are lacking something.

Can Separation Really Equate To A Healthy Balance? A man down on his luck is seated on some steps. His head is in his hands, and he has the look of someone who feels like a failure, or has suffered great loss. Healthy balance is not achieved without spiritual growth.

Living On A Loop

If you feel like you have no value, or you are frustrated with the circular cycle of your life; you are still living in and reacting to this prerecorded information. It is the data by which you assess your world, which is upside down and has no power in it. You are subject to the will and rule of others. This directly affects the feeling of helplessness in your decision making and lifestyle choices, and these choices can wreak havoc in your life, causing stress and resulting in pain.

This is the realm of the soul, and the soul is the seat of desires. The mind is also the heart of you. It is the arena in which all battles are fought and won or lost. If the spirit is not in control, all is lost, for there is no self-control, and the soul will go far and wide to seek satisfaction.

You will always feel like something is missing, and the result of trying to fill that missing piece may result in a lot of empty promises and false expectations, which subsequently result in disappointment, brokenness, and pain.


As a divinely created, multifaceted being, our bodies are intelligent. We are more complex and intelligently designed than the most elaborate computer or digital technology. Our millions of cells each have their own individual brain with a memory that stores events and trauma.

Our bodies literally feel every experience we have like a live wire. This information is transmitted on the waves of sound and energy and is transferred into our cellular memory. When the information is transferred into our cells, it is stored in our muscles, organs, and systems. Every cell contains memories in its nucleus, which is the brain of the cell. Thus, how we live will affect our bodies in very significant ways and may be the cause or the exacerbation of our pain.


You must have a healthy balance. The quote is on watching the balance of thoughts, words , actions, habits, character, and destiny, and how a healthy balance in each of these causes the ripple of the same effect in the others.

Our decisions are dictated by how much or how little we live in the Spirit. This will affect our mindset, which governs our actions and the results that manifest in our lifestyle and circumstances. Our lifestyle can cause pain too.


If you were to ask a chiropractor, he or she would tell you that in the body, imbalance happens if there is a subluxation of the vertebrae. This simply means that there is a partial dislocation, as of a joint; like a sprain. And, he or she might be right. Such a dislocation can not only cause imbalance but also cause a lot of pain.

My point is that, depending on who you ask, the answer will be different every time. I say this because as a reader of this site, you need to know that my perspective will be very different from what you have probably heard before. It’s all a matter of viewpoint and perspective.

Set Apart Or Out Of Alignment?

Let’s look at the body from a Western medical standpoint. In the Western viewpoint, there are many doctors and many specialties. Is it a healthy balance to have your body sliced and diced up; separation in treatment according to the type of doctor and the specific body part?

Segmented System

If you look at the list of medical specialists here, and what they do you will clearly see my point. Now, after reading that list, did you visualize a healthy balance, or did you see the body broken up into a lot of separate segments like a centipede?

This may as well be the visual because all of the above-listed doctors specialize in one part of the body, but none of them view the entire person and the whole body. Only Eastern medicine does that.

Can Balance Be Restored With Segmentation?

The problem with this way of viewing a person is that you aren’t looking at the person, but only at a part of them…the symptomatic area only. How then can the balance truly be restored?

What if the area of pain is coming from another area and the pain is radiating to the symptomatic area? What if a problem in the leg is affecting the back or even the neck?

How are these guys going to know and piece it together if they are so separate and specialized that they don’t communicate and collaborate in finding the answers?

If you only specialize in body parts, how do you see and objectively examine the whole person to see if they are actually whole? This is why so many people are living with pain.

Don’t think I’m dismissing accident victims that have been saved by the hard work of doctors, but my point is that oftentimes, simple solutions are made overly complex by people just looking for new and creative ways to get paid off the suffering and pain of others.


As a massage therapist, I frequently hear about this sort of scenario from my clients that daily tell me that the shots, the surgeries, and the medications are NOT working. Thus, the reason I created this site.

Where is the healthy balance when each piece is separated and examined without corroboration with the others. Worse still, drugs are prescribed without corroboration creating alternate issues which yet more doctors will try to fix through more prescribed drugs.

Being over-medicated does not equate to a healthy balance. The photo is noting but multiple, multicolored pills everywhere.

Healthy Balance Nullified By Profit Margins

A perfect example of this was when my uncle was admitted into the hospital for a stroke recently. I was ticked off once my aunt informed me that the hospital had changed my uncle’s blood pressure medication. As a result of this change, he was weaker, have stomach problems and other side effects that made him feel worse.

I told my aunt to ask them what medications he was on. The nurse gave us the names of all the medications, and I researched them on my phone. Come to find out that they had upped the dosage of his original blood pressure medication. They had also order 2 more blood pressure medications and they had him taking all of this 3 times per day!

These are the poisons they had him on:

  • Aspirin – also acts as a blood thinner
  • Keppra – antiseizure
  • Metformin -diabetes
  • Norvast – blood pressure
  • Cozaar – blood pressure
  • Lipitor – blood pressure
  • Protanic – to prevent regurgitation (from the effects of these other medications)

The side effects listed were diarrhea, upset stomach, light-headedness, weakness, lack of energy; and inability to keep food down. The last one added was supposed to counteract the effects of the 3 blood pressure medications, but it also had the exact same side effects!

People come into medical establishments with the belief that they are going to do what is best for them as a patient, to help them recover. But that is not what is happening. Everyone needs to remember that this is a business first and foremost. They are about profit, and they profit when you are NOT doing well.

Stopping Poison With More Poison?

Then after initiating all of these additional problems in his body, they wanted to add yet another medication to address those stomach related issues they had created! They had him on 7 different medications.

I told my aunt to put her foot down about the medications. Otherwise, they would have killed my uncle. There was absolutely no reason why he needed 3 different high blood pressure medications, but they claimed it was to prevent another stroke.

It was all just made up to perpetuate the onslaught of more payments from the insurance company because he has good insurance.

Had he been on Medicaid, none of that would have been happening. In fact, they would have released him almost immediately after treating him for the stroke, instead of a 3-4 week hospital stay with therapy.

What’s Good For Business

I recently read about a guy who formerly was an accountant for a hospital. He stated that he had to quit that business because when things went well on the books, this meant that a lot of people had died in the hospital.

When things were going badly on the books, this meant that more people recovered or were doing well, and the hospital bigwigs would have a fit if the books weren’t showing that their business was up.

Unnecessary Surgeries

I’m not saying all doctors have ill intent. They are doing what they are taught to do in medical school. The system is corrupt from the top. I just question the ethics of people whose business is to keep people sick, in pain and dying just to further their pockets.

Furthermore, I’m not dismissing pain from major injuries wherein bones or the structure was damaged or affected and definitely required surgery, but many surgeries are unnecessary. Let me give you an example of one of them.

Carpal Tunnel surgery is an unnecessary surgery, but because all doctors know is to prescribe medication or put you under the knife, many people undergo this surgery without needing to.

Carpal Tunnel is the result of imbalance. Once a healthy balance is restored, this problem, like any other involving imbalance, will become a thing of the past. There are some simple things people can do at home, that will alleviate their pain, even from Carpal Tunnel; and allow them to manage the problem better.

It starts with understanding and ends with practice and a lifestyle change. You have to open your mind to a different perspective, and then make a decision to change your habits, and you can live virtually pain-free.


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