Why Are You In Pain?

A Journey Beyond Symptom Management

Are You Activating The Pain Matrix?

The Pain Matrix
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Your pain is your fault. Our decisions are based on our perception, attitudes, and the stored database of information we have. We live in The Pain Matrix.

This is the place from which the information we already have is assessing new incoming information or situations. In turn, this alters our attitudes and change our assessments.

Thoughts Matter

WHO: Who do you think is responsible for your pain? Are you casting blame? Who are you judging or condemning? Have you considered who will rescue you? Who, by wrong thinking, is activating The Pain Matrix?

WHAT: What are you thinking about? Where or what is your focus? What are you obsessing over? Where is your attitude coming from and what is it? What is your hope? Do you have any? What do you believe? Are you contributing to The Pain Matrix in your body?

WHY: If your thoughts are not the type to bring about your highest good, why are you thinking about them? Why waste time in thoughts of complacency, or complaint against others? What is your WHY? Does your why motivate you towards your greatest good?

HOW: How are you perceiving things? Is it with rose-colored glasses, or are you accepting and properly managing your reality? How is your view of the future? Are you moving towards your highest version of self? How are you fighting back against your pain? How are you taking command over your situation?

Avoid The Pain Matrix by taking time to think.
Stop and think.

WHEN: When will you make a decision towards your own good? Are you ever going to focus on yourself? When will you put away foolish things? Will you change your mindset? When will you change your habits? When will you take responsibility for your pain?

The Pain Matrix Defined

I sought out the dictionary, just to provide a basis for my explanation. Here’s what dictionary.com says a matrix is.

  • Something that constitutes the place or point from which something else originates, takes form, or develops: The Greco-Roman world was the matrix for Western civilization.
  • Anatomy – a formative part, as the corium beneath a nail.
  • Biology – the intercellular substance of a tissue; ground substance.
  • Petrology – the fine-grained portion of a rock in which coarser crystals or rock fragments are embedded.
  • Fine material, as cement, in which lumps of coarser material, as of an aggregate, are embedded.

In all of these definitions, the meaning is clear. Therefore, The Pain Matrix would be the first defining thing that was the harbinger of pain – anything that foreshadows (the possibility) of a future event; like a sign or omen.

Perceptions Activate The Pain Matrix

The question is, what is the basis of your perceptions? What kind of attitude do you typically have? Your perceptions alter your emotional state, which then affects your attitude.

What Is Your Attitude Filter?

What are you full of? Is it love or hatred? Are you insecure and full of jealousy? Is it bitterness and anger? Do you have hidden resentment? Do you have grace and a forgiving heart and spirit?

Whatever it is that you are FULL of will determine the glasses through which you view and filter the world around you. Our perceptions are more about what’s happening inside us, in our minds, than by what is actually visible outside of us.

Perceptions Affect Data

There are 100 billion neurons in the brain, and every second they are sending messages; sifting through the oncoming stream of data to find patterns it can associate with the information already stored in The Pain Matrix. 

  • What we touch helps us to see.
  • Our taste is assisted by smell.
  • What we hear is assisted by what we see or feel.
  • The visual system is more complex than the auditory system.
  • Different sensory systems respond at different speeds.

There is a half a second gap between an actual event occurring, and your brain registering that same event, which means we live in the past.

Which Is The Right Reality?

Electric neurons gather and transfer the raw material of perceptions around the city of your brain. Reality is the brain’s ultimate construct. But which reality? Are you operating within the conscious mind, subconscious mind or superconscious mind?

The internal model – the view we have of the world is less about the amount of light coming into the eyes, and more about the information already stored; our internal model. This generates our internal expectations and updates them daily.

Many people have pain because they expect pain.

Our eyes move 4 times a second, gathering data to update the internal model, whose function is to give us our view of the world. It is a hastily drawn estimation; the details of which, are added later as needed.

Biology v.s. Spirituality

Avoid The Pain Matrix by believing in yourself.
Avoid The Pain Matrix by believing in yourself.

The part of reality that we can see is blocked or limited by our biology. Each creature perceives only what it has evolved to perceive; not the totality of information out there.

The environment is a factor that perverts perceptions. Even the most minute change in the information can skew the perception, and have the capability to change the world as you know it.

Social rejection activates The Pain Matrix. However, this can only happen if you are not rooted and grounded in Who your Source is. Without this confident knowledge, self-security is demolished by insecurity.

Taking Control Over The Pain Matrix

The question becomes how to remove your fault from your pain and take back control.

Self-security and self-confidence are based on belief. The belief is that you are enough; that you have no limitations; and that you have the power to be all that God created you to be.

When your belief in yourself and the Power within is strong, there is no social rejection. The Pain Matrix cannot be activated. That is why scripture clearly states, “Choose ye this day whom ye will serve.”

This is about whether or not you will decide to live your life by the culture of the world, or the life in the spirit.

Escape The Pain Matrix by choosing to be happy.
Choose your state of mind by taking the proverbial pill of happiness.

The Red Pill Or The Blue Pill

Aretha Franklin, through her music, coined the phrase, “Whose Zoomin’ Who?” meaning whose really running the show? This is an important factor to consider with regards to pain.

If you understand the realm that The Pain Matrix operates from, you can better control it. You can operate from a realm above it, thereby taking your power back. That will give you control of outcomes for alleviating and totally eradicating it from your life.

What do you believe? And, how has that belief served you with regards to overcoming your pain problem? Will you serve God and walk in your own path without envying others? Do you choose to believe in what God says about you or what others say about you? It’s never too late to develop the right mindset and return to yourself.


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