Why Are You In Pain?

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Lazy Brain Pt. 2 – A Prerequisite For Pain

prerequisite for pain
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What is a lazy brain? What causes a lazy brain? We were talking about a prerequisite for pain: how your brain is trained for pain.

A Prerequisite For Pain

So how does that happen? Essentially, it’s the same thing as your body being trained to be fat. (I say this as a person who is currently fighting, like many of you; to get my weight and health under control to improve it).

It’s just like the body. When you don’t exercise your body you set up a prerequisite for pain and you get fat. You get weak. 

Failure To Care

Your muscles get tight and restricted and you have pain. This happens as a result of your failure to take care of yourself, and value the temple that houses your spirit. 


Through this lack of attention, you have set up a prerequisite for pain. It is no one else’s responsibility. 

Each individual is responsible for taking care of themselves. It is not the responsibility of your doctor nor Society.

When you don’t feed your body correctly, you become unhealthy. You are setting the environment for sickness and disease; a prerequisite for pain.

Intentional Focus Required

The same thing happens with your brain, the only difference is that it happens there first. When you don’t train your brain it becomes lazy, because you don’t take it out and exercise it.

Failing to exercise your brain, by setting aside time for intentional focus and thinking; means that you are utilizing 10% of your brain. Subsequently, this means that 90% of your time is spent on autopilot. There is little to no thought involved at all. 

Your life is just a series of routines and repetition. People secretly hope their lives will change, yet wonder why they don’t see change. All of this is a prerequisite for pain.

Schooled Or Educated

Most people think that because they went to school their brains have been trained. They think that going to school makes them educated. No. That means you’ve been schooled. There’s a difference.

It does not mean you’ve been educated. If those two words meant the exact same things there would be no need for two words. After all the English language is complicated enough.

So obviously, those two words mean two different things; two different types of learning. 

Basic Training

Schooled: to educate in or as if in a school; teach; train. Archaic. to reprimand. https://www.dictionary.com/browse/schooled

Being schooled or getting schooling is the process of learning the basics for survival; but it is just the basics. If you only learn the basics you have a prerequisite for pain, because life is far from basic.

It’s like a cub learning from its mother how to survive in the wilderness. It is taught to use its natural instincts. Those instincts were already implanted in the DNA and cellular structure. 

Schooling is the honing of those instincts in preparation for that animal to leave the den and survive in the world.

Cultural Advancement Training

Educated: having undergone education: educated people; characterized by or displaying qualities of culture and learning; based on some information  or experience: https://www.dictionary.com/browse/educated?s=t

Being educated, on the other hand, is the process of seeking wisdom, learning from experiences, and exercising your brain. It is the process of spending focused time with an intention on the art of learning; it requires effort.


Schooling starts at infancy. Our brains are trained for pain. Innate information from our parent’s memories and decisions are our first trainers. DNA and cellular memories are based on that information.


This is how hereditary curses are passed down for 7 generations according to scripture. And yes, when I speak of hereditary curses I am referring to sickness disease and any other type of curse.

Evidence of this is found in the fact that no one teaches any of us how to stand and walk. Yet, how we walk determines the pattern of pain that hits our bodies. Most people don’t know that. 

We don’t know that how our foot lands, then begin walking is going to dictate that pattern. We just learn to walk as babies, because that information is encoded into our cells and DNA already.

Then we are trained by our parent’s lifestyles and choices. Children learn through observation in the first formulative years. They cement what they have learned by imitation; ie: practice and conditioning. 

Conditioning Through Imitation

They are being schooled and conditioned by their parents, by their siblings, and by anyone else that is very familiar to them, and they are learning to imitate them. 

Children learn to follow the same patterns, lifestyles, habits, routines, and decision making processes. They are conditioned to imitate the people in their community. 

If the people in their community have a mentality of lack, they imitate a mentality of lack. If their Community has a mentality of abundance, then they will imitate that mentality of abundance.

This is why it seems like the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, because everyone is busy imitating what they see around them.


People who live in lack have been listening to the wrong people and allowing fear to dominate them and keep them in their preconditioned mindset. 

Power In Words

They don’t seek wisdom through the capture of words. Neither do they know the Power of Words. They don’t understand the wisdom of reading for knowledge.

This is why the scriptures reference the words, “Write it down in a book,” 63 times. It is both because of the value and wisdom of the written word. Additionally, is the desire to protect and retain the information.

People who do not understand this have a prerequisite for pain. Their lives are unfocused. They desire constant entertainment; because they are preconditioned for distractions. An unexercised brain is a lazy brain. 

How To Gain More Power

The way to exercise your brain is to feed it new information. But, you cannot just feed it new information. You also have to review that information relatively soon after you learn it in order to cement it into your memory banks.

Otherwise, it becomes a situation of the parable of the sower. (The Parable of the Sower, (sometimes called the Parable of the Soils); is a parable of Jesus found in the three Synoptic Gospels; in Matthew 13:1-23, Mark 4:1-20, and Luke 8:4-15. In the story, a sower sows the seed and does so indiscriminately.)

People who never exercise their lazy brains will remain in the same state of lack that they see themselves, their parents, their neighbors, friends, and community in; because of the conditioning of their minds.

Repent Means Rethink

This dynamic does not change unless and until someone chooses to repent, rethink and step up and out of the box. It requires courage because you have to choose to be different than everyone else around you, and that is challenging.

For this reason, hereditary curses last for up to 7 generations. Without repentance and direct action, it takes 7 generations to come up out of, or correct the preconditioning.

These learned patterns brought the curse of the lazy brain and the prerequisite for pain. Only a change of mindset and continuous, direct action with break the curse.

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