Why Are You In Pain?

A Journey Beyond Symptom Management

Lazy Brain Pt. 1 – Are You Trained For Pain?

trained for pain
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For years we’ve been told that we have no power to control heredity. Does this mean that our brains are trained for pain? 

Family Curse?

According to scripture, a curse upon a family could last for up to seven generations. I used to wonder how that worked.

At this point in time I’m really beginning to understand it. You see, up until last year I thought the pain originated in childhood.

I’ve now come to understand that it kicks in long before that. Your pain is a subset of your parents choices and lifestyle, which you adopted as you grew up.

Millions of Brains Trained For Pain?

How do I know this? Because our cellular structure has brains. Each and every one of the millions of cells in our body contains a nucleus – which is a brain. 

So how do our brains get trained for pain? Let’s start by looking at us as individuals. In our day-to-day life, we do a lot of different things.

Things that we experience cause reactions in us that are emotional. The unfortunate thing, is that most of us live in our feelings.

Our brains are trained for pain. Our spirits do not control our bodies. This is actually what is happening for most people.

Our spirits should command how we choose to feel. Instead, our untrained brains listen to our feelings, and emotions dictate our actions.

That is why there’s not as many people that are successful as there are people who dream about being successful.

We are all trained for pain. It is the refusal to train your brain that makes you susceptible.

How Does The Brain Drain Work?

How is this so? Going back to what I said about living in our emotions; the mini brains that are in every one of our millions of cells are reacting to our every emotional response every day.

In fact, these reactions are happening millions of times throughout the day. Most of the time they are minute reactions and we don’t even notice them. Anytime something confronts us or challenges us in some way, our bodies are reacting.

You have a time deadline; your boss just exploded and started yelling in the office; you lost a client’s account to a rival; your kid’s school just called. 

Stress Potential

Anything that has the potential to cause you stress, anxiousness or anxiety; anything that challenges, frustrates or creates a struggle has the potential to cause a fight or flight reaction based on our inbred instincts – ie: lifestyle habits and programming. 

Our cells are recording those reactions. Every single one of the millions of brains inside all of the cells in your body are recording and memorizing our reactions.

Fight Or Flight

It’s called Fight or Flight. It involves our Natural Instincts. Most people know when something is threatening to them or dangerous. Parental responsibility includes teaching children to recognize danger. However, experience is our greatest teacher.

So when anything confronts or challenges or stresses us during the day, because that’s what stress is – something that has challenged you; our muscles react.

Brain has trained us for pain and how to protect ourselves from what we know is not good for us on a physical level. 

Therefore, when we come into contact with something as dangerous or harmful, our muscles tense and we make a split-second decision on whether we fight or we decide to take flight and we run.

Whatever that decision is, all those mini brains in our cells have recorded and memorized it. Our muscles become trained in accordance to the data held in those cells, and respond accordingly. In this way our brain is trained for pain.

Unless we retrain our brain, that data stays there and our reactions, our life stays the same. 

Trained For Pain Through Routines

According to scientists, we only use about 10% up to 20% of our brain. This means that only 10% of what we do is based upon change.

In other words, 90% of what we do is repetition daily. When people sit around wondering why their life never changes, it is because they have not changed their brain, and it is stuck on repeat. 

Everyone gets stuck in routines. Habits are very hard to break. So most of us turn on autopilot.

Every day, we get up and do the exact same things in the same order, and then we wonder why our lives don’t change. We have done nothing to retrain our brains.

Certain Pain Is Repetition Trained

It’s like a repetitive motion injury. Certain pain that happens in the body is because of repetitive motions that we’re doing multiple times every single day.

Those of you involved heavily with computers and cell phones know what I’m talking about. There’s a certain type of pain that accompanies focus around those objects.

In this day and age carpal tunnel, computer neck, and frozen shoulder repetitive motion related injuries cause suffering every single day.

Why? Because our brains are trained for pain. We get stuck in routines. We’re stuck in these routines because we allow our body to dictate to us how we feel.


Operating from the seat of our emotions or feelings is operating from our desires. Our bodies train our brain for pain through conditioning.  

Conditioning keeps us stagnated, because it causes us to think or do only what we’re accustomed to doing. 

In other words, we only want to do what we feel like doing, which is what we’re accustomed to do; what makes us comfortable. 

If we are unwilling to do anything that makes us uncomfortable,  we are unwilling to change; therefore our life and pain stays the same.

We’ve got what I’d call a lazy brain. And laziness in any form causes pain.

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