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“Are You A Highly Functional Liver – One Who Lives In A Particular Way?”

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What kind of life do you want to live? It’s something that I think I’ve been deciding for a while now. I want to be highly functional…in many ways. I want to live in a particular way.


My mom once had a little dog who is very sickly. This little dog, Koki was the runt of a litter of two puppies, and much like Danny DeVito in the movie Twins.

These two little dogs were the offspring of two other little dogs mom had that were the parents. One was a Shitzu and the other one was a chihuahua.

The brother of the runt was quite large and difficult to handle. He was the one who was the more highly functional one. He appeared to have the strength and vitality for both dogs. The little one could barely keep up.

My mother named the bigger dog Bulla, which suited him. Eventually, we gave Bulla away because he couldn’t contain all that highly functional energy, and he was tearing up everything. 

The little runt was very sweet and cute, and at first we weren’t so concerned that he was a smaller dog. After all, his parents were small dogs.

Reasons For Concern

But after a while, we saw signs that caused us some concern. My mother took him to the vet and the vet told her that this little dog’s liver was too small and not highly functional at all.

At the time, I didn’t know anything about the liver. Mom was the one who was a nurse, so she explained about the liver and how it functions.

Primary Function

She explained to us that the liver was like the housekeeper in the house of the body. Its job was to eliminate toxins and keep everything clean and highly functional.

The liver is a large organ in your body which processes your blood and helps to clean unwanted substances out of it.

She said that if the liver was not functioning right, eventually there would be too much toxic overload and the one who had a liver problem could eventually die. Our dog would slowly die from internal (self) poisoning. 

We were all very saddened to see the effects of toxic overload and liver failure in this little dog.

No Options

There was nothing we could do. Unfortunately, we were not aware of the internet at that time to research any natural options to save the dog’s life. 

Additionally, we had no idea at that time exactly what kind of garbage was in the food being fed to our pets. We didn’t know how pet food was being made, or what ingredients were being utilized. 

Knowledge of this would have explained, in part, why the dog was getting sick. Knowing this might have enabled us to make changes that would have extended the dog’s life.

Connecting The Dots

Years later, I was trying to connect the dots with my own health. There were certain unexplained, minor symptoms that I was having, things I had noticed over a span of years.

I was the more sickly of my mother’s three children, and she did the best she could with the knowledge of that time.

But naturally, the diet is the ultimate factor. According to my mother, she did do some cooking from scratch. That’s how she remembers it.

But like most highly functional mothers, fixing nutritional meals from scratch was too time-consuming for someone working a 40 + hour per week job as a nurse.

Homemade From Scratch?

An example of homemade cooking from my mother’s point of view was her Swedish meatballs. Yes, she hand-rolled her meatballs after seasoning them, but her sauce utilized Campbell’s cream of mushroom soup. As good as that tasted, and believe me it was fantastic; that does not constitute a homemade, from scratch meal. 

After all, everyone knows or should know that Campbell’s soups are loaded with sodium. Aside from that, anything in a box or can that is pre-packaged is not healthy or fresh. Canned is better than a prepackaged box, but frozen is better than canned. And ultimately, raw is better than all of it.

Boxed In Living?

Furthermore, I distinctly recall frequently seeing Kraft mac and cheese boxes, Hamburger Helper boxes; and despite the fact that mom said she made her own spaghetti, she used Ragu spaghetti sauce all the time.

Naturally, we had the boxed Aunt Jemima pancakes, which was accompanied by Aunt Jemima syrup. You know that high fructose corn syrup is in the almost all syrups aside from tons of sugar.

Our lunches were made on white bread with luncheon meat, the worst of these being liverwurst and salami of any type. We regularly ate several slices of Bologna with breakfast or lunch, cooked or straight out of the package. Spam and corned beef or hash was a treat; which is loaded with sodium and the worst type of fat.

This is besides having bacon regularly and pork chops frequently as dinner meat. We even had those god-awful hash browns and lots of cow’s milk related products including plenty of cheese.

We regularly drink kool-Aid loaded with sugar, sodas, and my mother’s famous, sugar-laden, Jamaican iced tea.

Was there any vegetables? Yes, we would get salads with our dinner made with that nutritionally valueless iceberg lettuce. Other than that, we had canned vegetables.


Mind you, I’m not complaining. My parents did the best they could with the knowledge they had at that time. We always had what we needed. But, that doesn’t mean we had what was best for us or healthiest for us.

Our diets we’re loaded with sodium and sugar from pre-packaged and canned foods that were readily available and heavily advertised as nutritious meals for your family. I even remember the programming we were receiving from every influence at that time, including Walt Disney. 

I distinctly remember Disney’s World of Tomorrow showing us something that looked a pill that would be reconstituted in a microwave into a full meal. They were just preparing and programming us to pop pills for everything.

So is it any wonder; and would it really surprise you to learn that the liver came up as an issue for me too?

From Apathetic To Alive

A few days ago, I was in a Homebuyer’s Workshop. One of the things that were mentioned was how people often ended up losing their homes because they had no savings, and someone had gotten sick.

I have been battling to get myself in better health, and restore my body to it’s more highly functional capacity. For me, the inner is more important than the outer. Thinking about all of this, prompted me to look up the meaning and origins of the word “Liver.”


  • alive
  • animate
  • breathing
  • living
  • aware
  • conscious
  • vital

The side you land on is a choice.


  • dead
  • apathetic
  • dispirited
  • inactive
  • lethargic
  • non-existent

Highly Functional People

  1. Accept and surrender.
    “Acceptance means, for now, this is what this situation, this moment, requires me to do, and so I do it willingly.” -Eckhart Tolle
  2. Begin with the soul in mind.
    How often do you make time for the soul? Maybe this notion has never even crossed your mind.
  3. Put spiritual things first.
    As you go about the world from your spiritual center, learn where low vibrations and negative intentions are coming from.
  4. Know that we are all one.
    When you believe you are one with everyone, you will more easily let go of judgment, gossip, and unhealthy comparisons.
  5. Seek to free yourself of ego and attachment.
    Observe yourself and seek more awareness of ego in your life.
  6. Synchronize with the universe.
    Allow the universe to work for you and in your favor.
  7. Sharpen your being.
    Allow spirit to lead the way in all areas of your life.

Intentional Or Resistant

The point of the matter is are you intentional or resistant? It is one thing to do things because of your upbringing, or culture, or because you are ignorant of the potential for harm to yourself or others. It’s another thing entirely to continue walking down a path which you have been informed is full of land mines, let alone, leading anyone else that follows or admires you down that same path.

For instance, people that smoke are always very nonchalant about it when told of the health risks. “You only live once,” is their attitude, because they choose to ignore the warnings and continue on their dangerous, low vibrational path…until they are stopped by something like…cancer.

The Man With The Swagger

I specifically remember a guy I used to work with about 20 years ago. He had a slightly cocky, arrogant type of attitude, but it gave him a sardonic sense of humor that I liked. I frequently hinted to him about the dangers of his smoking habit, and he would always nonchalantly remark that he knew, but he carried that same attitude about life listed above; as if tomorrow would never come. But it did.

I still remember the change in his overall attitude and aura after he got the news. The cocky swagger was gone. Fear was clearly and permanently etched on his face, along with regret, and almost a plea for sympathy. He looked like a lost child because he knew that he had done this to himself, and that his life was coming to an end faster than he ever thought it would.

Every time he looked at me after everyone found out, I could tell that he remembered each and every time I had ever warned him about it. I did pray for him, but I left that job before anything seriously developed regarding his declining health.

How Are You Vibrating

People are always watching, even when you don’t feel noticed. The thing is, you have to power to choose. You can choose to be highly functional; a person who pays attention, and who lives with intention; one who lives a certain highly vibratory way. You can also choose to be one who barely vibrates at all, living below all that God has implanted within you.

In the energy of life, how we think, (if we bother to take the time to think – it’s a skill) and the decisions, we make ultimately affect how we live. Thought out or not, we are daily making choices about how we want to live.

Are we creating a toxic overload leading to pain? Will those choices lead to sickness, disease, and ultimately pain because we cannot handle the toxic overload? Are we sluggish livers – poisoning ourselves by our own choices? It may be time to repent (change your mindset) and become a clean liver.

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