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The Predominant Cause Of Pain And Suffering Pt 2

cause of pain
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We started this topic in the previous article on the predominant cause of pain and suffering. In the first part of that article, I stated that there were 7 factors of this predominant cause, and we have been steadily progressing through them. I’m hoping that at this point, you have started to glean just a hint of what the #1 cause of pain and suffering is, but if you have not, read on.

The 5th Factor

We are blessed with bodies that are an amazing feat of biological engineering. The things we are capable of doing, have not even been fully realized; and we exist within an earthen vessel. Yet, these vessels have some magical abilities that were implanted by our Creator. When I say implanted, I literally mean that. We are walking vegetation.

Mar 8:24 And he looked up, and said, I see men as trees, walking.

Do You Understand Your Function?

There’s much more I could say on that thought alone, but I just want you to get even a slight understanding of the miracle that is our bodies. The cause of pain for many lies in the fact that they take their bodies for granted, and don’t seem to understand that it is an amazingly functional, self-sufficient machine.

This is why we suffer because we don’t know or understand what is right at our fingertips. It’s like trying to drive a car, when you’ve never seen one before, and have no manual. That is how most people operate, despite the fact that we have the Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth available to us all.

When we talk about being functional, we are talking about the ability to do something, whether it be voluntary or involuntary. It’s the ability for movement of some type to happen. Let’s start with the one we’d like to think we’re in control of.

Voluntary Movement

As we all age, we start to find that we cannot do the things we used to do. Our pain and suffering often result from restrictions that, in essence, we put on ourselves. Our muscles are not moving the same way.

Age-related restrictions happen because we are not taught how to care for our bodies. We were never trained as children, on how to care for the functional belts of this body, our muscles.

Thus, as we age, we find our skeletal frame being reshaped; pulling against our natural proclivity to stand and walk erect. Everything starts shrinking and we lose our stature, flexibility, and major parts of what we consider to be our functionality and usefulness.

Unnatural Musculature Problems

We don’t think we can halt this seemingly natural downward spiral, which is anything but natural. It is quite unnatural and is an effect of muscular dysfunction due to both lack of care and lack of knowledge as well as a modern, technological lifestyle.

So what about the muscle-heads, right? What about all those gym jocks that are constantly slaving to look buff? The ones who have been sold the bill of goods about hard muscle being the definition of fit and sexy? What about them? They undergo much of the same debilitation as everyone else, but in different degrees.

Understand, I’m not talking about athletes like runners or swimmers; although their muscles get pretty beat up too. I’m talking about the weight building warriors who believe that getting ripped is the thing to do. Some of them keep themselves feeling good because they go to see a massage therapist regularly.

Some see a chiropractor for mostly unnecessary spinal adjustments; which would not be necessary if proper care was paid to their own muscles. Unfortunately, most people don’t do enough to care for and maintain the vehicle of their movement – their muscles.

Involuntary Movement

We as people don’t properly guard our muscles against the possibilities of pain and suffering; against being overworked and abused due to our conscious movement choices. It is usually this lack of proper attention that causes musculoskeletal pain problems to develop.

However, there is another factor. It is all the movements that are involuntary. You aren’t even conscious of these reactions. They are happening at the cellular level.

How are they activated? By your thoughts. Without your conscious knowledge, your muscles are reacting, and contracting numerous times during the day based on silent messages coming from your nervous system.

These silent messages are being transmitted from your subconscious mind, not your conscious mind. However, you are capable of controlling all of this, but most people have the islander attitude of, “I can’t be bothered.”

The 6th Factor

One of the most frequent inhibitors to healing from pain and suffering is inflammation. The purpose of the inflammatory response is to basically act as a buffer of protection for areas that are damaged in some way. The problem is that in our modern lifestyles of personal neglect; we have laid a course throughout our bodies; of hidden minefields of inflammatory response.

Our inflammation based diets filled with meats and dairy products contribute greatly to this problem. I mention dairy and meat specifically because of the byproduct produced by them in the body. Mucus is part of the whole inflammatory cloaking operation.

Why Can’t I Get Rid Of Mucus?

We can’t eliminate it totally, as it is an integral part of the cloaking and protective responsive actions. It cloaks and completely overwhelms and smothers germs, bacterias, and viruses that try to attack the body. This is not something you want to get rid of.

However, I understand the feeling. For those who have suffered all their lives from Hayfever, Sinusitis, Bronchial issues, and any respiratory dysfunction or issue; the last thing you want to be dealing with is a postnasal drip, and stuffy, closed or pressurized nasal passages.

Despite the fact that we can’t get rid of mucus even if we want to, we can greatly reduce the amount of it, so that we don’t experience excessive overproduction of it as part of the inflammatory response, because too much of anything is not good for you.

The 7th Factor

Finally, the last factor of pain and suffering is fungus. Most people are like trees that have spots of fungus growing on or in their bodies. The issue of fungal overgrowth has taken the forefront. Overproduction of processed foods and the excessive use of sugar in the American diet is the culprit.

Many people are unaware that they have fungus. They aren’t being given any solid information on the conditions they have. We have been kept in the dark by symptom management. As I mentioned earlier, we are like trees with fungal problems.

Pain in the Terrain

Most gardeners remove plants that are infected, or in the case of trees, cut them back. However, people cannot be treated like that. Our humanity should discourage this. The only other option is education. We must become armed with information that helps us to control our habits and lifestyles. Then we can reduce the conditions and environment in our bodies that are conducive for fungal growth.

If we are aware of the path towards pain and suffering, we can take a detour, and get off the path. Weeds grow in a garden because the ph levels of the soil are off. Weeds cannot grow in a properly fertilized terrain. Most of us are not properly fertilized through nutritional foods. When the soil is bereft of the proper nutrients, it is similar to the gut in an acidic state.

In this state, the bacterial and viral bugs can wage war and win. Sugar is their fuel. When these bad bugs overrun the gut, they create the perfect environmental storm for fungus. A fungus can appear in any part of the body. They can appear in the form of Candida yeast throughout the body; even on the outside.

cause of pain

What Is The Predominant Cause Of Pain And Suffering?

Maybe you noticed while I was giving you a brief description of the 7 factors. What was the common denominator with all 7 of these factors? We started off with missed connections in the areas of beliefs and focus.

This missing connectedness causes shortages, blocked pathways, and stagnation, resulting in a lack of fluidity in many areas of life and the body. Then there is the issue of inherited curses – the DNA of psychology, physiology and familial habits.

These are embellished even more by the curse of mankind; which has resulted in a chemical onslaught from Monsanto and their affiliated manufacturers in the agricultural community. This onslaught of the curse of mankind also includes cultural icons that result in the overuse of technology.

Pathways and Patterns

Finally, there is the devastation to the body – the musculoskeletal system is affected by over-contraction in the muscular pathways and patterns, and restrictions that cause malfunctions and pain.

Furthermore, if the patterns and pathways are understood, we can find the problems that are causing inflammation and fungal overgrowth. We can stop these preset conditions that can cause cancer to overtake the body.

So what is the predominant cause of pain and suffering? It is Imbalance. In all 7 of these factors, they manifested problems in the body as a result of an imbalance in any of those areas.

So when we come to an understanding of these areas of the potential imbalance; we must also get an understanding of how to rebalance ourselves, and then, most importantly – take action consistently.

It is my hope to have the privilege of assisting you, while I walk my own journey towards realignment within the temple of the body.


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