Sandra M. Urquhart

Speaking to your need to master your pain.


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Meet Sandra – The Pain Release Specialist

Hi. I am Sandra M. Urquhart, and I don’t believe that anyone wants to live with pain.
As a result, I am at war with pain on all levels – the entire concept of pain. In this battle, I utilize a God-given healing gift that I first became aware of at the tender age of 14. This calling and gift has been directing my entire life’s path, drawing me to this exact point in time. It led me to become a licensed massage therapist (LMT), because I have always had a proclivity towards Natural Health and Holistic Healing.

I am on a mission to set the world free from the physical manifestation of pain. Because of this desire, my focus, even as an LMT, has never fit the normal parameters of what spas, wellness centers and doctors or chiropractors expected me to do. I have always thought outside of the box, so I was never a match for most of these businesses.

I simply cannot, as a therapist, just ignore potential or active pain problems I see or feel in a person’s body. If I can offer information that helps someone feel better and break free of the curse of pain, I have always been more than willing to do so. This desire to help caused me to develop an entirely different technique and a system for addressing the Issues In Your Tissues.

You see, I am an Intuitive –  a Seer,  but I cannot claim credit for any of these abilities. What I can claim credit for is my relationship with Christ, who has blessed me with the abilities and gifts I possess, and gives me the discernment to see beyond what most people perceive as their pain issues.

My ability to read pain patterns allows me to isolate and identify the factors and causes of pain that have developed or will develop, due to a number of imbalances and other variables. This ability gives me an entirely different perspective, coupled with the enhancement of Spiritual Eyes to provide effective solutions that work.

I am on a journey towards better health, and the restoration of my Whole Body. I believe that there are masses around the world who yearn to be free from their pain; people who have suffered and lost much as a result of pain. My goal is to assist you as I change the trajectory of my path; moving away from a possible legacy of sickness and disease, and towards a future that will remain pain and cancer free.

My vision is to provide simple, natural solutions that will transform people. By educating the masses about the real causes and factors of dis-ease and pain in the Trifecta of the Spirit, Mind and Body; they will be empowered to utlize simple, natural solutions to win their battle against pain.

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