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Meet Sandra, The Pain Release Specialist


Pain Release Specialist

Hi. I am Sandra M. Urquhart. At the age of 14, I heard a whisper in my spirit that told me I was a healer. My intuitive gift comes from God, but I had no idea how this healing gift would manifest.  


Finding My True Passion

I had a natural inclination towards both arts and natural health. The arts were my first passion, so after pursuing that; my decision to venture into natural health and healing was based on years of research in the holistic realm. 

Becoming a specialist in pain release was the furthest thing from my mind. I was just trying to connect the dots to figure out what was happening to my own body.

Seemingly minor things when looked at individually, were more noticeable when I started linking them. Connecting the dots, I began to see patterns. During this time, I began to consider a career in a natural healing practice.

I considered chiropractic but decided to start with Massage Therapy. Seven years ago, I walked into American Institute and knew I was finally where I belonged. For the first time in my life, I felt like I was home.


How I Became A Pain Specialist

While in this school, I did not focus on Swedish (spa) massage. I was always the rebel with a cause; doing the opposite of what I was being taught most of the time. It wasn’t because I didn’t understand. I understood more than anyone thought.

In fact, the seniors were surprised that I came with the knowledge of Meridians and body maps before even starting school. As seniors, they were just learning these things. But I had been researching natural healing techniques for several years.

Therefore, my original goal was to go after pain, because my own pain issues had started developing. Furthermore, I felt that exerting so much energy in doing Swedish massage was an exercise in vanity.

Most people have adhesions and tension along with fascia problems that need to be addressed. A luxury treatment that doesn’t truly affect the restricted muscular condition and release it fully is pointless. Massage in its infancy was a natural medical health treatment.

When I got licensed and started working, my focus was on releasing pain and tension problems. I created my technique in the first year because I was always asking my clients questions about their pain.

Through careful observations and the skill of listening, I became intuitive and learned to read pain patterns in the bodies I worked on. I was dubbed, “The Muscle Whizperer” by a client because the muscles speak to me; and I am a whiz at releasing them.


Creating A System

My theories on what I thought would help my clients were explained in a logical manner. I would explain the pattern and path of where the pain would most likely affect their bodies. Once they understood the problem and my methodology of releasing their pain, they trusted me. They would always give me the go-ahead to do whatever I wanted.

In this manner, I was able to experiment a lot and find out what worked and what didn’t. Most of the muscular experiments were conducted on me first. Then, as I became more skilled with the technique or theory, I’d bring it to my clients.

At that point, spa work began to frustrate me. Many people with spa mentality expect a fluffy rubdown to make them feel good. I was trying to release muscle restrictions and adhesion that would cause pain. They preferred that I just roll over the problems and ignore them.

They didn’t understand that I was trying to provide them with a better end result. I was providing relief and relaxation that would last longer. Additionally, spa employers didn’t understand that my focus has always been releasing pain. It is my nemesis, so I’m always after it to defeat it.


Unnecessary Suffering

I had developed my intuition, technique, and system as a pain release specialist. I started working in chiropractor and medical offices, but I kept finding the same ethical problems. People who were suffering unnecessarily with pain; and doctors who weren’t really providing any effective treatment.

It angered me that people who were suffering were being given figurative bandaids as a treatment for their pain problems. Many were insulted or ignored – being told that their pain was all in their minds. As a pain release specialist, I knew that these people were being deceived.


The Power Of Knowledge

I was always trying to help the patients to understand why they were really having the pain issues they had. I have always believed that if people were armed with the knowledge of what was really causing their pain, and were shown what they could do to aggressively manage it themselves, they would do so.

All the time and money lost – living in doctor’s offices daily, could be regained. This knowledge would allow them to take back control over their own lives. They could learn how to manage the pain themselves. This allows them to stay ahead of it, preventing the manifestation of pain altogether.

I was on a mission to return control to the individual patients, while the doctors were trying to create dependence. As a pain release specialist, I realize that all doctors are not like this, but this is what I have seen in pain management establishments.


Extending My Reach

While visiting pain boards and forums, I discovered that there were millions of people suffering unnecessarily, worldwide. Many had lost careers, spouses, and family, as well as homes because of their pain problems.

My frustration was that I was only able to help a few people that came to the offices where I worked. My reach was limited. As a pain release specialist, I needed a way to help more people suffering from pain.


Education Is The Key

That’s when I decided that I wanted to use education first to help people. They needed to understand the pain and the factors that cause it to manifest in the first place.

It would require a holistic approach that caters to the whole body and does not sever and separate the body into parts. Regard for the whole person as a trifold being made up of spirit, mind, and body is essential. People must learn to understand the foundations of pain on all three levels.

Only then can they learn to naturally manage their pain and eliminate it. This coupled with a system and tools that I would teach them how to use; would enable hurting people to take back control.

They could manage their lives in such a way as to prevent pain from ever having an opportunity to raise its ugly head. I focused on my passion for eliminating pain into this website. It is my hope to help you alleviate and eliminate your pain into extinction naturally.