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It’s What’s In Your Heart That Counts

This image shows the duality of the heart, and that we can choose to let the dragon rule us, or the dove/phoenix direct our spirit and energies.

What do you do when you receive unexpected news? If this news would cause economic difficulty, how do you handle it with some measure of peace and confidence? 2020 brought a lot of upheaval for many people, and many changes that affected people’s economic reality. How do you handle those big waves in life with grace and dignity?

The Secret Man Of Desires

man of desires

Influences Don’t you just hate it when a great, well-intentioned plan goes awry? Usually, it’s due to the man of desires who has chosen the wrong influences; who fails to understand because he has no insight or foresight. Without focus, you are a lost cause. The (universal) man of desires can’t see beyond his own nose. He is only concerned with satisfying own selfish desires. Desires are the issue here. Most humans seem to be Read more…

The Mirror Theory

the mirror theory

Several years ago, God gave me a Mirror Theory. “You draw that which you reflect. You reflect that which you are.” Reflections Trust me when I tell you that this was a hard pill to swallow. First of all, the first part. “You draw that which you reflect.” I immediately began to think about people who have been in my life, especially, the type of men that have run after me; that have abused me Read more…