Jingshen Journey

Finding the Path of the Pain Free Spirit

It’s What’s In Your Heart That Counts

This image shows the duality of the heart, and that we can choose to let the dragon rule us, or the dove/phoenix direct our spirit and energies.
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Shocking News

Last year I received a bit of shocking news. The association where I lived had decided not to approve our lease renewal. We had just moved there the previous year, after a hell of a battle to get into that place. That battle was fought because it’s what’s in your heart that counts.

We were convinced that that unit was being given to us by God, so we were willing to go through the trial to get into it. Besides, we also know that anything worth obtaining is worth fighting for. Now suddenly for unknown reasons, (we have speculated and concluded that the owner lied) we could not renew our lease.

30 Day Notice

At first, the shock was an unexpected 30-day notice. I called the owner, who claimed no knowledge of the situation, but upon speaking to his attorney per his instructions; she mentioned arrears, and served me that night at 8 pm.

I explained to her that the landlord and I had agreed to and applied for the Cares Rental Assistance program. He knew I got approval. The arrears and the remainder of the year were going to be funded by the program.

After sending her a copy of the notice that night via email; and no confirmation of receipt from her, I immediately typed a letter and sent it and the approval notice to her via certified mail the following day.


But that night, when we first received the notice, we were in shock, and extremely sorrowful. After the 3.5 months, and numerous roadblocks, challenges and trials to get into that unit, I couldn’t believe that God could be allowing us to lose this place.

But, after the initial shock wore off, I immediately changed my mind about it, because it’s what’s in your heart that counts. My heart was telling me that God has much more and much better in store for us, so my disappointment dissipated at that thought.

The Counsel of Job

“If you had so much difficulty getting in this place, perhaps you weren’t supposed to be there,” a friend of mine said.

I had responded, “We really liked this place. We went through 6 units in this complex, 3 we liked, but lost and 3 we didn’t like. We thought it was a matter of being persistent, and not giving up. Therefore, we continued to fight to get in, despite an unbelievable amount of obstacles from the owners, as well as the association.

After we saw the 7th unit; I had a dream that I was cleaning it. We were convinced that this was our place. Therefore, we were determined to do what it took to get things finalized for that unit.

Things Aren’t As They Seem

Unfortunately, we really didn’t get to enjoy the unit the way we thought we would. The neighbors above us that were extremely inconsiderate and had lots of noise disruptions at any hour, day or night. So we had actually thought about leaving as soon as financially possible, but we certainly weren’t expecting to do so that soon, especially in light of COVID19. 

But then, after a year of this nuisance, the noisemakers suddenly moved and we thought we would finally have some peace. Finding out about the 30-day notice left us down and disappointed about the whole thing for the rest of that night. We were having a moment.

Flip The Script

The next day, I woke up feeling such a heaviness of heart. I said to myself, “There’s nothing to be done about it. They have made their decision, and I’m not going to beg. God is in charge, so He obviously has something already lined up for us. I don’t know how we will do this, but He does, and He will instruct us on what to do.”

From that point, I’ve been getting ideas from the Lord on what steps to take to prepare for the move. We sat down and reviewed our budget for the next 2.5 months to see how much money we might save towards this move. (We had received this notice in mid October, and had to move by January.)

The Difference: It’s What’s In Your Heart that Counts

I had to tell my son the facts regarding our finances. However, I also told him, “Those are the facts, but the truth and the facts are not always synonymous. They don’t always match, and they aren’t always the same.” God knows the truth of how our situation will turn out. He has the power and authority to change the picture that we see. 

He has the elevated viewpoint where time doesn’t exist. Our viewpoint is like looking through a forest full of trees. Since I can’t see too far ahead, I’ve been consulting with the Lord, and the plan is beginning to come together little by little. 

Future Focus

Then I found out that according to the Jewish calendar, I was already living in the future. I was in 2021 even though the calendar said I was still in 2020. I was future focused because it’s what’s in your heart that counts. I was making declarations about how my 2021 was going to be. 

I never really believed in that before. I now have a better understanding of the power of the tongue to program us. What I believe and think and say will direct our future. Therefore, I am constantly giving attention to how I frame the words coming out of my mouth.

I decided that this whole experience was not about us doing something wrong. It was the people in the association using us and then flipping the script on us. They had asked us to assist them by reporting the disturbances from the people upstairs.

They claimed it would assist them to get them out of the unit. They had been trying to accomplish this for 2 years. We followed all of their directives. Then they turned on us.

The Truth Of The Matter

But the reality and the truth of the matter is, God is drawing us closer to Him, and leading us to something infinitely better for us. And there are bonuses that go with this concept.

First of all, every time we move, we get rid of more stuff; and I believe that is definitely part of what God wants and what we need. I had decided that I definitely did not want to carry the excess we had at that time, with me again. 

We thought about trying to sell on either Poshmark for clothing items or Offerup & Letgo, for all other items. We determined that whatever we couldn’t sell in a month, would be donated. The donations had to be scheduled for pickup prior to the December holidays.

It’s What’s In Your Heart that Counts – Be Giving

As it ended up, using those services would have taken too much time, so I just started researching and calling around to various organizations. I had the VA pickup come twice. Miami Missions came once. I also took a lot of things to Sheridan House, for the single mom’s bazaar and gift store.

A volunteer from a charitable quilting group picked up several bags of expensive material. I had been carrying them with me for years, even after my sewing machine died. She came back to get the box full of sewing patterns I forgot to give her on the first trip. She had a friend in another group to donate those to for Columbia.

It felt so good to give those things to good causes because it’s what’s in your heart that counts. The relief I experienced in letting go and being rid of the extra burden of that stuff was even better. I’m still not done though. I know that whenever we find our new place, I’m going to go through the same dumping action again, to eliminate more stuff.

Oil In The Pot

The three little oil pots may seem small, but God can choose to create in them an ongoing supply to pour out more than the pot itself looks like it could ever hold.

Plus, God is providing us with a little oil in the pot moment; so that He can show up and show out. I have absolutely no idea where the funding will come from, but I’m not worried.

He’s already got that worked out. The new stage of my life is sitting in the wings, waiting for the right moment to emerge. He will provide exactly how much I need to make the move including all the additional costs. I know He’s already worked it out for us. The funds are on the way to us because it’s what’s in your heart that counts. 

This next move will be even smoother than the last one because God has given me a plan. So now, instead of being upset about having to move again, I’m excited.

In the process of looking for charities to donate to, I discovered a charity that ships books to Africa. There are many areas there that have no access to books. They want all sorts of books including textbooks for kids and adults in English, and even (get this) encyclopedias. So naturally, I had to look into shipping a box of books to them.


I can’t wait to tell you more of what God does to provide for us in this situation. Right now, we are staying with my 83-year-old mom, which has had its moments of challenge. Overall though, it is working out fairly smoothly. I’m able to help her with a lot of things that she doesn’t want to think about or deal with.

My cats have adjusted to the situation this time much better as well, because they’ve been through this a year ago, so all is well. 

I started my courses in school. There were technical issues with the school’s system that put me behind a month. However, I now have full access and am catching up. We are persistently pushing through and pushing forward. I am trying not to get weary in handling everything for myself, my son, and my mother.

There are some battles I am still fighting, but the battles are already won. I just have to go through the steps and be patient. God is finalizing all the details because it’s what’s in your heart that counts. A positive attitude will definitely affect your perspective and outlook for the future, no matter what you are facing.

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