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Finding the Path of the Pain Free Spirit

The Pain Of Inverted Faith And What You Can Do About It.

Love is a messy thing when people live by inverted faith. A potter is shaping clay into a vase. Her hands are covered with clay as is the wheel and everything in close proximity to it.
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What Does Inverted Faith Mean?

What does it mean to have inverted faith? How can one’s Faith be inverted? Does inverted faith mean that you have no faith?

First of all, what does the word inverted mean? Basically, it’s like flipping your clothes inside out. Instead of looking at the finished photo, you are looking at the negative with an inversion of light. 

Turning It Inside Out

I remember when I was learning web design in school. If we wanted to do a Feathering process; we could select the item, designate the amount of feather we wanted; and then we had to flip it. 

We had to turn the select object function inside out. This would cause the object selection to be outside of the image. This selection would separate the outside apart from what we wanted to keep to have the feathering applied to. 

This feathering process would enable us to delete the unrelated outside part because that’s the part that is selected with an inversion. By doing this, we only keep the part we truly wanted to keep.

Faith: It’s An Inside Job

Similarly, inverted faith is like that. A person who lives that way has elected the outside part; to be separated. They have become irrelevant. Their choice is trash. They will be cut off from the path of abundance.

Similarly, when we go through a conversion, we move from a place of separation or of being outside of an ideology or belief, to become a part of or an attachment to the whole.

Scripture says that when we accept Christ, we are grafted in. This means that we are literally adopted as the sons and daughters of God, Himself, and we share in the abundance that is His.

Belief In The Invisible

Likewise, an inverter is an electric device that converts direct current to an alternating current. This is an example of a redirected path away from a position of inverted faith.

A virtual world is an inverted version of the physical world. The thing is, what we often consider to be the invisible or virtual reality (I’m not talking about games here); is in fact reality. It is the world of spiritual reality and we are the ones living in the inverted version – physical reality.

Clay People

Inverted faith is like clay that lost it's fluidity. Gray statues of people line the walls in this image. They look as hard as cement.

This is why we can find ourselves living with inverted faith. We are spiritual beings. Our temporary housing is in clay forms in this physical reality. We were given commands, a mission, a purpose; and Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. However, man’s clay heart has hardened, and he has forgotten where he came from.

The problem is that we have forgotten to tend to our spirits. It actually takes skill to dwell in the realm of the spirit. It requires practice, and most people, myself included, are struggling to find time to do many things. There are too many choices, and distractions, and developing time to quiet the mind and focus it can be quite the challenge in and of itself.

Clay people have forgotten the spiritual light inside themselves. They think that the inverted attributes of their bodies are a true reflection of who and what they are. They’ve forgotten that the light of their real being is what has kept their clay bodies softer, more flexible, and more moldable.

The Requirements Of Clay

Water is a requirement in order for clay to stay malleable. It gives them the fluidity and flexibility they will need to navigate the waters of life. In order to navigate the waters, you must become the water. You must be fluid. You have to have flexibility.

The water of the spirit is the Word. If the clay is not getting enough water; like a plant, it begins to dry out. In clay people, this drying out; this dehydration results in hardness. The hardness happens first in the heart and spreads to the rest of the form.

Within the structure of the clay form, excessive dehydration can literally break you. Our tissues require a great deal of water, in fact; we are 98% water as beings. Any sign of hardness within the clay form is a sign of the potential or the onset of great discomfort, sickness, and disease; usually accompanied by extreme pain.

The Calluses Of Life

For example, in the foot Reflexology map; a callus forming anywhere on the foot, it is a sign. It signals a pain problem building in the area connected to that part of the foot.

If you have a callus building on your heel it is a sign that your glutes and the pelvic region are tightening up and a pain problem may develop in your hips or lower back.  

The living reality of clay is hard and is not aligned with the reality of Spirit beings, which are fluid. When our focus is on social, cultural and environmental issues and the physical existence within the clay, we can be easily broken because this is inverted faith.

Reversion Requires Fluidity

The fluidity lacking in inverted faith is demonstrated here by a wave of water in the ocean. It demonstrates the fluidity and flexibility of someone walking in proper alignment with God.

Clay is molded by marring through pressure. Then it is shaped. Water has to be added prior to placing it on the wheel by the Potter.

Someone with inverted faith will be broken because their hearts have hardened. Why? Clay must be softened in order to be molded. It cannot be formed into anything new until it is softened first. Water is required to revitalize clay. In the case of the spirit, it is the water of the Word of God, himself. Power flows through that water.

The softening process is like a reset in the mind taking you back to a time when you were more pliable. It takes you back to when you still had a spirit of wonder and were adaptable. The infusion of water makes you pliable and eager to learn and makes you more malleable.

You Must Have A Potter

Furthermore, when clay loses the connection to the Potter, there are no brakes. There is no one there to put their hands lovingly around the clay to protect it from flying off the wheel of life and crashing into some other hardened form of energy that could damage, deface, disfigure or distort and destroy it. This is truly a life filled with pain.

The Pain Of Inverted Faith And What You Can Do About It. A potter is shaping clay. When you aren't aligned with your maker, you become hard, and easily broken.

There’s no one there to keep it on course, as opposed to spinning out of control. Lastly, without the Potter, the clay loses it’s shape, purpose and destiny. If there is no Source to mold you and direct you, you are shapeless, formless, and have no direction. You are a simply a useless, hardened lump taking up space on the wheel of life.

When you walk by faith you are living by your spirit. You are seeing by your spirit. Your emotional experience is by your spirit; meaning you are experiencing the joy of fulfillment long before it occurs in this physical realm.

The clay life, however, is one of pain. When not watered constantly by the Word of the Spirit the clay hardens. Hardness brings pain. There is no way for clay to stay malleable unless it is constantly watered with the Word of Wisdom.

When you live the clay life with inverted faith, you only experience things in the physical realm. You have no foresight nor insight. Your form hardens and is easily broken.

Fulfilled Or Wanting?

If you are forever waiting for fulfillment which never comes, it is because you don’t believe it unless you see it and feel it in or with your physical form. You gotta see it with your physical eyes, and touch it with your hands in order to believe that which you desire is real. That is not how faith works.

Inverted faith never allows you to emotionally feel joy and excitement until that which you desire physically comes to you. That which is desired will never physically come to anyone who does not believe they have already received it.

You will never gain possession of something you don’t already believe you have because everything you could want or dream is already within you. Faith is the resource key to unlocking the storehouse of abundance, blessings, and provision.

Inverted faith believes in limitations. It believes in “I can’t,” instead of in “I am.” When it comes to pain or disease; inverted faith believes, “I am sick; I have a disease; I am in pain.” Inverted faith thrives on fear.

But one who walks by the spirit; who gets their water from the well of The Word; believes, “I am healthy, I am strong, I am pain-free.” No fear here.

The Power Of The Spoken Word

Any word spoken; that falls up under or flows from anger and resentment; will cause a manifestation of pain in your life. It doesn’t matter whether you thought that word, believed that word or spoke that word.

And as a result, that thought, that belief, or that spoken word will cause the boomerang of Karma to literally knock you upside of your head with pain. That pain can manifest in the form of stress, or bodily pain and physical discomfort. It can manifest as a social, cultural or environmental problem. It can manifest as a financial problem.

The Boomerang Of Karma – Law In Effect

For example, I told my son to stop speaking himself into a pain-filled situation because he was complaining. Many people invite the pain they don’t want into their lives through their inverted faith statements of anger through complaints or criticisms about what they don’t want.

What was my son complaining about? He often says that I’m a “pain in his ass,” whenever I get on him about taking care of his household responsibilities. Sometimes he’s joking when he says this. Sometimes he’s simply annoyed.

He thought I was joking when I responded recently; telling him that he’d better stop saying that, or he will develop a literal “pain in his ass.” It could manifest as Piriformis Syndrome. Sciatica is also a possibility. Likewise, it could simply manifest as hip pain or increasing low back pain that initiates from tight glutes. Remember what I said earlier about calluses on the heels?

However, it doesn’t matter in which manner the statement is made; whether by thought, unexpressed emotion, written word or spoken word. It makes no difference if you were serious or joking because your subconscious mind has no idea what a joke is, and does not differentiate. For that matter, neither does the universe.

If you think it, say it or feel it, the magic of manifestation will begin; and by the Law of Karma, it will be unto you as you say, think or feel. As a man thinketh, so is he. Death and life are in the power of the tongue. You will reap that which you sow, especially when you sow with your words and with emotional power behind them.

Breaking The Chain Of Karma

The only thing that can break the chain, of inverted faith and the resulting probability of Karmic pain in your life; is an Attitude of Gratitude and the Law of Forgiveness.

Pain is a choice. It is a combination of faith, thoughts, beliefs, and spoken words with emotional power. All of these things can affect the likelihood of incidents, accidents, injury, and imbalance that could manifest into a pain condition. Even in light of hereditary, and inherited curses; the Law of Karma can be broken by spiritual faith and the spoken Word of Wisdom.

Why? Because nothing is impossible with God, and all things work together for good to them that love the Lord.

Are you in pain? And, have you considered your faith?

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