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The Truth About Pain – Are You Positioning Yourself?

The truth about pain is that, like the golfer pictured; we often line ourselves up for the shot of pain we experience.
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You might not believe this. I’m sure you won’t want to. However, the truth about pain is that it is the product and culmination of our beliefs.

Ouch! That’s a hard pill to swallow.

The fact of the matter is, whatever you believe is what materializes in your life. The truth about pain that you didn’t realize, is that your faith, or lack thereof; could manifest in the form of pain.

James Clear, with the help of Elon Musk; reminds us about the theory of First Principles; that function is more important than form. So let’s get back to basics.

What is the function of pain?

First of all, anything involving function has a purpose. So your pain has a purpose. The truth about pain is that it is the living servant of purpose. Its job is to bring awareness to something we’ve neglected to pay attention to.

Some of those people would challenge me about the pain that is derived from accidents or injuries that they feel they were a victim of; ie: a drunk driver, etc.

While I might agree that 95% of a situation like that could have been completely outside your control: I’d still reserve at least 5% as your responsibility.

Why? Because the truth about pain is that most of the time, people are not paying attention. Failure to pay attention always results in pain in some form. However, when you see through the branches that lead to the root, you’ll overcome.

We spend so much time rushing through our journey, that we often miss the little things – what’s really important. The truth about pain is if you miss enough of the minors, and they will culminate into a major whose impact you are completed unprepared for.

Thus one of the keys to releasing and eliminating pain is to find its purpose.

The Universal Purpose of Pain

Pain is the product of the Universal Truth; established by the One who created the Immutable Laws that govern our universe, this earth, and our earthly bodies. These Immutable Laws are governed by certain Universal Principles.

What Is the Purpose of Principles?

Principles serve as a set of guidelines, or markers. They help to establish boundaries and set order. Laws are a set of principles that govern, establish order and set boundaries, for the purpose of individual and community safety.

This is why the reasoning of the scientific community sometimes leaves me baffled. How can they claim that the big bang just happened all on its own? That there was no provocation in the creation of our universe and planets? This, in light of the fact that light and energy are movable forces?

They want to deny the existence of God, but then say that there are Natural Laws that govern the planet and Universal Laws that govern the universe.

That reasoning is in facts, but it is asinine when these laws are absolute and point directly The Absolute Truth. How can they see these laws and principles and still deny a Creator, when laws have a purpose?

The Truth About Pain and Purpose

Whether you want to call a set of laws Natural because they govern nature; or you call them Universal because they govern the universe; where there is a purpose, there is thought. The same applies to pain.

Mankind has a habit of acting like just because they’ve finally figured out some of these Immutable Laws or their Principles; that they are now masters of the universe and can control things.

But these things, these Principles were in existence long before the science community figured out how to operate them. They were utilized by many ancient civilizations; just not the same way we operate them now.

The truth about pain is that if its purpose is to bring awareness, and awareness has to do with waking us or alerting our minds to something we may not be attentive to; then one could say that the purpose of pain is to birth new thought.

This process will result in a paradigm shift in mindset, resulting in a change in habits and lifestyle, thus alleviating the issue that raised the pain signal in the first place.

But, I digress…

The Spirit of the Material

The point is that these Universal and Natural Laws and Principles govern the spirit of what is material. Without that, nature, for instance; would run amuck.

The natural order of the cycle of nature would be disrupted. We’ve already seen the potential for devastation when that happens. Extinction of a species can be catastrophic. Just look at the situation with the bees.

It is the same with us. When our spirits are not correctly governed, it disrupts the Universal Laws or Principles that govern the functions of our bodies. The culmination of multiple disruptions of this nature are the predecessors of the development of pain.

Are You Positioning Yourself For Pain?

Dream Talk is all the rage right now. People are desperately seeking information on how to move ahead in life. They want to be economically sound. They want to keep up with the new flow of entrepreneurialism that is sweeping the electronic waves of the web.

T.D. Jakes was the first person I heard talking about “positioning” or the phrase “positioning yourself,” but may have been others that have initiated the subject. The thing is, most people are positioning themselves for pain. They just don’t know it.


Most people aren’t thinking about their habits and lifestyles with vision and discernment. They think about goals and accomplishments that way, but not habits.

I believe this is because no one thinks about ROI in terms of RMI. What is the ROI? It’s Return On Investment. What is RMI? It’s Repetitive Motion Injury.

Many coaches and entrepreneurs today espouse the virtues of assessing and changing one’s habits in order to achieve the success sought. They talk about the ROI and the paradigm shift involved in the change that occurs when a person initiates just one new habit and practices it daily. If they are consistent for 21 days, they have adopted the new habit.


What about the paradigm in your body that is already occurring due to current habits, behaviors, and thoughts? Our ways of thinking, acting, and our resulting movement is all a dividend of how we were raised.

Hereditary Curses

The truth about pain is that some of it comes from hereditary curses. This image shows  rows and rows of weird, hairless statues of infants that one might see in some voodoo type ritual.

We imitate that which we see and observe in and from the people around us. This is how a family carries a generational curse. Deuteronomy 28:15-68 in the biblical scriptures speaks of generational curses.

The lifestyle pattern remains the same, so if it is a pattern that caused sickness or disease or pain in one generation; it continues down the line until someone’s thoughts, beliefs, behavior, and habits become radically different. Dare I say…better.

Let me see if I can give you a very small scale example of this. When I am working on a body, I read that person’s pain pattern.

Usually, I tell them where the pain is before they tell me because I’m observing their body from the minute I am introduced to them. I have had clients ranging in age from as young as two years old, up to 90+.

The pain patterns never change. The difference is habits, specifically habits of movement which are derived from thoughts.

There is a condition called Hammertoes that is the result of a certain pain pattern. This is a condition in which the toes pull up or back (depending on your perspective) and curl under, looking almost claw-like.

Whenever I see the related pain pattern or see the beginning or potential for this condition to develop, I advise my client. I explain what it is, how it occurs, and how the development of the condition can be halted.

Usually, when I explain this; if the client is young, they tell me that it is a condition their grandmother has.

Generational Pain

It is a generational pain pattern. It’s pain built into our very structure. It’s in the cellular structure. It’s stored in muscular memories.

And there’s a reason for that, but how it gets into our cellular structure is a discussion for a different article.

It is a generational pain pattern because the lifestyle is the same. I don’t mean exactly the same. I mean similar. The ways of thinking, processing, and the resulting behaviors, and habits are similar.

Therefore, repetitive movements are also similar. Thus, the pain pattern flows from one generation to the next.

RMI, repetitive motion injuries occur because of habitual, repeated movement that, in most cases, causes imbalance. It can also result from, or be initiated by imbalance.

Likewise, a pattern, habit, or lifestyle of imbalance in any area of your life can be passed on to your children. This phenomenon is called Transference in the spiritual world, but it also manifests in the physical realm of our bodies.

So how do we prevent a predisposition to pain?

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