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20 Years Of Spiritual Attack In The Dream Realm

spiritual attack
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I never told you about the dream. Actually, it was a 20-year nightmare. In a previous post, I was explaining to parents, in particular; the fact that your children can be subject to spiritual attack. It’s not just for adults. My son and I had both been spiritually attacked at the age of 5.

Hard to believe, I know; especially if you had never even thought this was a possibility. My mom was shocked by this revelation. So let’s get to the dream. That is what this post is for. (And by the way, the dream itself will be in italics, as I may want to throw some commentary in or explain things as we go.) And actually, let me clarify. It was a nightmare.

The Spiritual Attacks Begin…

I was at the playground with some friends. This playground was 1 block down from my house. In other words, I crossed the street and went down the small hillside behind my neighbor’s house, and there it was; the school playground of my elementary school.

I had decided to go home (probably for lunch). It was the middle of the day. I had walked out of the playground and was walking up the hill beside the school, on the sidewalk. As I walked, the spiritual attack began. The street suddenly began to get dark. It was weird, but the night was falling in the middle of the day, and it was falling fast.

The First Sign

I began to run towards my house because everything was getting dark so fast. Even the street lights had started coming on, which was even weirder still. I don’t know if street lights were automated when I was 5.

When I got to my house, it was dark, just like all the other houses on the street. I opened the door and went in, calling out for my family, but I could find no one. Visibility was gone. I couldn’t see anything. Fumbling around in the dark, I touched the walls and doors, as I groped about the house, still calling my family.

I went down our hallway, still continuing in this fashion. When I first walked through the hallway and my hand came into contact with certain doors, those doors would start glowing.

Creatures Of The Night?

It was only when I turned around, after reaching the end of the hallway; and began coming back down the hall, still touching walls and doors, that those doors began to open behind me as I passed them. I turned around to see 4 glowing monsters looking at me, and starting to move in my direction.

Of course, scary monsters back in my day were not like they are now. What I saw was your standard Frankenstein, Werewolf, Mummy, and Dracula (blah, blah). I don’t recall if I screamed, but I know I ran.

As I was running away from them, I would look back to see if they were getting close to me. What I saw when I turned to look back (like Lot’s wife who turned into a pillar of salt) was my own family members. I stumbled, caught myself – shook myself, and looked again. And then, of course – it was the monsters. So I kept running.

Portals & Realms

While I was under this spiritual attack and running from the creatures, the dreamscape changed. Suddenly, the rest of the house was gone. I was running in the dark down an endless hallway with wooden floors; allowing me to hear every step.

I kept slowing down every time I looked back and saw my family, and then, freaking out again, and screaming as I ran when I saw the monsters.

This perpetual hallway did have an endpoint, and eventually, I reached it…quite suddenly. I fell off the edge of it; an edge I didn’t even know was there and could not see.

As I fell, I looked up and saw the monsters glowing on the ledge above me. I was suddenly falling into darkness; and when I say darkness I mean a blackness so black you could tangibly feel it.


There was these horrible yellow, orange and red vines that looked like veins running through it and glowing eerily. I was falling for a long time. Finally, I stopped falling. I was caught in a gigantic spider’s web.

spiritual attack

When I realized what I was in, I began to struggle to try to get out. Naturally, my struggling attracted the giant spider. I could see it off in the distance, through the eerie red glow of whatever cavern I was trapped in.

Rabbit Rescue

Then I remembered Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby; when he was stuck in the sticky stuff.

Looking down, I saw the Briar Patch. I started bouncing on that web until I was able to grab it. I pulled myself down into it, just out of the reach of that huge spider; which was just arriving at the web.

Now, I have to tell you that I cannot verify that it was a briar patch I saw. What I saw was a bush of some sort, but in my 5-year-old mind, I was escaping like Brer Rabbit, lickety-split; so it was a briar patch. Who knew that something like this would come in handy to fight spiritual attack?

I lay in the “briar patch” with my mouth covered, trying to hold my breath so the spider could not find me. It was too big to get into the bush anyways, but I wasn’t sure how I would get out. I was so scared when the spider arrived. I could hear it above me searching for me.

A Call For Help

At that point, I closed my eyes, screamed inwardly in my mind, and sent a silent message into the universe for help.

Suddenly, all the noise from the spider vanished. I slowly opened my eyes to find that the dreamscape had changed yet again. Now, I was in an all white room. It was rectangular in shape. I didn’t see any doors; just 4 walls. There was white carpet on the floor, and large, plush white cushions to sit on, so I did.

In front of me was the longest wall. As I sat there just looking around, I suddenly noticed something small in that long wall that I hadn’t seen previously. It seemed to be moving. At first, I thought it was a black bug. It appeared to be coming from a distance and getting closer to me. It was frightening. The spiritual attack was taking a new form.

Stranger Danger

It soon took shape, and I realized it was a little man. He was walking towards me from within the wall. As he approached and got larger, I could see that he was indeed a short little man, and rather ugly.

The ugliest thing about him was that his body encompassed that blackness that I had fallen in earlier; that same blackness with the glowing red, yellow and orange veins running through it. His whole body was like that. Only his face looked normal.

After these dreams began, I knew I was under spiritual attack any time I saw that same blackness with those glowing veins.

He was a short, old, little man, reminiscent of Elmer Fudd or of the rich little character on the monopoly game box, with the same tux and top hat; but with an ornery, mean look, and a huge bulbous nose, similar to Mr. Smee, Captain Hooks animated sidekick.

I could see most of his face, and the veins were running through his bulbous nose and face, but the blackness with the veins was all I could see of the rest of him. As short as he was, he was still towering over my 5-year-old self, from the wall. He apparently, could not step into the room, but he was moving freely about in the walls of the room.

spiritual attack

Naturally, I was quite petrified of him. He got right to the point as soon as he had come to his full stature in the wall, as close to me as he could get. He looked right at me and said, “My name is Beelzebub, and I’ve come to kill you.”

In my 5-year-old mind, I heard Beezlebub. As a result, that is what I called him.

As soon as he made this declaration of his intention, he expanded – as in, he melted into the wall, and the blackness of that pit I was falling into earlier, began to take over, seeping across the landscape of those white walls, and eliminating them. Before I knew what had happened, I was back in the blackness again.

To be continued…

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