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Why Do People Enjoy Getting Foot Massages?

People love foot massages.
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In order to understand why people enjoy foot massages, we need to assess the intention, focus, purpose, benefits and additional benefits of foot massages.

I do preface this article by stating that the viewpoint that is expressed here is mine. Not all Massage Therapists will agree with or share my perspective.

Furthermore, there are some Massage Therapists that don’t focus on feet at all and refuse to do any foot massages.

So my perspective is from the fact that I personally love receiving and giving foot massages, and a major focus of my work involves assessment and pain release through the feet.

The Purpose of Foot Massages

What is the purpose of getting a foot massage? For one thing, it just feels great. If you are not a person with extremely sensitive (untouchable or ticklish) feet, then you might love getting foot massages.

foot massages often start with a foot soak or bath.

Usually, in a spa setting, you get a nice foot bath or soak first with perhaps some essential oils and aromatherapy; and then the foot massage ensues.

However, there are different approaches to massage work on the feet. Just like with massage in general, the type of work you get done on your feet can vary greatly. Many people are totally unaware of the 80+ styles or modalities of massage that exist and are available.


Some people are simply looking for a relaxing foot massage. They seek more of a spa treatment that involves basic Swedish massage on the feet without involving any pressure.

I personally love to get a full 60 min massage like that on my feet with just a little pressure. It completely relaxes me, and I always feel like my whole body was worked on afterward. I usually don’t want it to end.

Other people are seeking more intense foot work. These may want a relaxing massage, but want a bit of pressure included. The therapist can accommodate this by utilizing the knuckles to add pressure.


Then again, there are other people who have medical issues that they want addressed through Reflexology. I do utilize Reflexology in my practice, but I hesitate to have other Reflexologists work on my feet, because I have experienced a few that seem to have no sensitivity to the discomfort levels of their clients.

When you seek any type of massage, you must be sure to communicate your purpose and where you want the focus to be; and the pressure level you desire to ensure that you get the service you are seeking.


There are several hidden maps within the body. These maps assist CAM (Complementary Alternative Medicine) practitioners in assessing problems in the body, as well as addressing them.

I believe that God placed these hidden mapping systems within us to help us understand what our bodies are trying to communicate to us. The most amazing thing about these hidden maps is that they all match up. So each map will communicate the exact same message of whatever the problem is.

I’m pretty sure that a lot of people are conscious of the Reflexology maps of the feet and hands. They are easily accessible on Google.

But despite the accessibility of the maps, most people don’t understand the full extent of how beneficial this is, nor do they comprehend what is accessible via the feet.

This hidden map is a “roadmap” to the internal organs, which allows a Reflexologist to address problems in those areas. A Reflexologist applies deep-tissue pressure to areas in the map that indicate an issue is present. But even a standard massage for relaxation will still have an affect on all the organs in this map.


The benefits, of working directly on this map and indirectly affecting the organs and their corresponding systems; is a rush of blood through those systems; increasing and improving circulation throughout the entire body. This is what makes foot massage in general so relaxing.

Proper blood flow in the body is crucial. In fact, the flow of all fluids in the body is very important. Our feet are a major source of movement in our bodies, and movement stimulates blood flow.

When the feet are massaged, they are stimulated and this will activate the flow of blood, nourishing all organs and systems, because all of them are being activated during the foot massage.

When blood flow is activated, our muscles become flushed and the heat from the increased blood causes the muscles to relax. Because the feet can activate the entire body, having focused massage on them is very beneficial.

Additional Benefits

Likewise, the benefits of working on and through the feet have even greater and more far reaching benefits depending on the Massage Therapist. An Intuitive Massage Therapist is capable of treating far more body pain issues because they are more attentive.

For example, I have treated people with Neuropathy; a neurological condition that causes people to lose sensation and feeling in their extremities.

The Drummer

I’ve helped drummers who couldn’t drum because they couldn’t feel the drumsticks; bowlers who couldn’t bowl because they couldn’t feel the ball or the holes; and people who simply struggled to walk without stumbling and falling down because they couldn’t feel their feet.

Each of the individuals with this type of issue that I have helped, all have said that they had quite a bit of feeling return to their fingers, hands or feet; after I worked my U2 system on their problem; and this diminished their pain.

The Runner

Likewise, I have also had clients suffering from pain in their hip or their knees. One client was a young teenager who was a runner. She had been involved in a car accident in which her knees were injured due to striking the dashboard with force during the collision.

She was extremely sensitive in the area, and didn’t want anyone to touch her knees due to the pain. But I was able to release her knee pain without touching her knees at all. I went through her feet to do it, and she was amazed and greatly relieved.

I have also released knee pain for mature adults suffering from Arthritis, with pain that is deep inside and seemingly unreachable and unending. But I have reached it and ended it for weeks, and even months at a time if my protocol was followed by the client. All this due to the vast knowledge that has been shared with me by the feet.

There are many things the feet can teach us, and this alone makes foot massage extremely beneficial and highly recommended. If you are interested in retaining my services for your pain related problems, subscribe and Contact Me.

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