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Musculoskeletal Pain & Pain Release

Do You Know The Most Common Causes of Upper Back Pain?

Many people suffer from upper back pain.

In this day and age, people are suffering at alarming levels from pain of all sorts. Today’s modern lifestyles have brought about many back related problems. Chief among them is upper back pain near the neck between the shoulder blades. Read more…

Why Are Some People’s Toes Crooked?

some people

Most clinicians or medical professionals would answer this question in the most simple way. They would say that some people have crooked toes as a result of Hammertoes, Crossover Toes, Broken Toes or Congenital deformities. While that is mostly true; Read more…

The Reason Your Medical History Is Important

Your medical history is important.

When a Massage Therapist asks for more information or for more medical history, it is not because they are simply being nosy.

Why Do People Enjoy Getting Foot Massages?

People love foot massages.

Reasons why people like foot massage, and the beneficial purpose of it.