Cross Of Pain

Salvation From The Roots Of Pain

Cross Of Pain

Master Your Pain

Master Your Pain

A cross represents burdens, hardship and pain more than any other symbol. But it is like a double entendre because it also represents salvation and rescue. In order to rescue yourself from your pain problems, you must first realize that there are no shortcuts. This is a spirit, mind and body problem. All three are involved. Therefore, in order to fully address and conquer the problem, the approach must be realistic,  holistic and internal first; with the intention of attacking the root causes.

Freedom and the eradication of pain requires you to tune in, not just to natural approaches and techniques, but to your own spirit and the energies and laws that govern all matter in the universe. The intention of this site is to help you stop the snowball of pain, long before it rolls far enough down the mountain to cause an avalanche. We also intend to help you prevent the creation of the snowball effect of pain in your loved ones, as well as help those already devastated by the avalanche of pain.

It is our philosophy and belief that no sane person wants to live with pain. It is a burden; a cross many people world wide are bearing unnecessarily. We believe that pain is an entity that can be controlled if you understand it’s root cause. It is a force created, just like energy, which can be changed, moved and eliminated from our lives. If we understand the root causes of our pain, we can take the proper, naturally corrective action to stop pain in it’s path. Let’s start on that journey of understanding together. Welcome to Cross of Pain.

Take the first step in regaining control by exploring belief systems that initiate & eliminate the manifestation of pain.

Gain control over the battleground where all the great wars between our beliefs & our impulses are fought in the battle against pain.

Knowing how our bodies  function, & why they manifest pain is crucial, because we must be clear about our coercion in manifesting pain.

Locals who are interested in one on one sessions for pain relief management can initiate service sessions here.

Mastery over pain requires diligence, discipline & a specific system, in order to address certain areas and types of pain manifestation.

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