Cross Of Pain

Salvation From The Roots Of Pain

Master Your Pain

Master Your Pain

It is our philosophy and belief that no sane person wants to live with pain. It is a burden; a cross many people worldwide are bearing unnecessarily. We believe that pain is an entity that can be controlled if you understand its root causes. It is a force created, just like energy, which can be changed, moved, and eliminated from our lives. If we understand the root causes of our pain, we can take the proper, naturally corrective action to stop the pain in its path. Let’s start on that journey of understanding together. Welcome to Cross of Pain.


Take the first step in regaining control by exploring where your faith lies & the belief systems that eliminate or initiate the manifestation of pain.


Gain control over the battleground of the mind, where all the great wars between our beliefs & our impulses are fought in the battle against pain.


Knowing how our bodies function, & why they manifest pain is crucial, because we must be clear about our coercion in the manifestation of pain.


Personal Pain Management. Information on methods, and simple self-management anyone can do to alleviate pain problems.

Meet Sandra

Waging war against an entity like pain takes an inspired vision. Meet the person behind the mission and learn what put her on this path.


Mastery over pain requires diligence, discipline & a specific system, in order to address certain areas & types of pain manifestation.